Why does testosterone have to be checked in the morning?

You may be asked to take a fasting test first thing in the morning. In that case, you should stop eating before midnight and then drink only sips of water in the morning. You can usually keep taking whatever medications you need, but check with your doctor. There will probably be few obstacles to implementing this change, unless local laboratory policies are inflexible regarding the timing of testosterone extractions.

This study confirms previous research showing that the daytime effect on testosterone levels decreases with age, at least in this group of men with erectile dysfunction. The conditions for which a testosterone test can be used as a diagnostic tool differ between men and women. As mentioned earlier, testosterone tests are usually done early in the morning when testosterone is at its peak. For men who have gone through puberty, the test is primarily used for symptoms of low T levels (testosterone levels that are too low).

A testosterone test is a test that measures the amount of testosterone in a person's blood or saliva. Many factors can affect the results of testosterone blood tests, including your age, health, and what's happening to your body. The study measured total testosterone and did not take into account possible confounding factors, such as obesity or the use of testosterone replacement therapy or androgen deprivation therapy, which could affect globulin that binds to sex hormones and therefore could alter the total level of testosterone. There are different forms of testosterone in the blood that can be measured to help diagnose certain health problems.

A simple glucose load can significantly lower total testosterone levels and falsely qualify a person as hypogonadism. Both men and women produce testosterone in their bodies, although men usually produce much more than women. Testosterone tests are done early in the morning because that's when levels of this hormone are at their highest. Increased public awareness of androgen deficiency has led to more men being tested for testosterone levels.

If you think you have low testosterone levels, check out these testosterone tests that you can order online at an affordable price and check how your hormones are doing. This study also exemplifies how testing testosterone levels while fasting is very different from testing them in a state of eating.

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