Does time of day affect testosterone levels?

To complicate matters, testosterone levels fluctuate and peak around 8 in the morning. Levels tend to be lowest around 8 p.m., and then rise during the night. Peaks and valleys are larger for men 40 years old or younger compared to men in their 70s. Testosterone secretion has a diurnal secretion pattern.

Maximum levels are reached in the morning between 07:00 and 10:00 a.m., a minimum is observed at night and levels begin to rise again at night.10 One study found that young men (30 to 40 years old) had an average of 88.00 testosterone levels (both free and total), which were 30 to 35% higher than levels measured in the middle of the afternoon or late afternoon. This difference decreased with age and dropped to approximately 10% by age 70. 11 This decrease in the circadian rhythm of testosterone with normal aging has been well described. 12 These hormones are produced by the pituitary gland and start the process of producing testosterone and sperm in the testicles.

This retrospective study looked at just a random measurement of each participant's testosterone level, rather than repeating testosterone levels over the course of a day. In addition, this study did not evaluate the evolution of testosterone levels in the late afternoon and evening, and it is not clear if the levels can be extracted even later in the day. They were also instructed to avoid sexual activity or strenuous exercise that could alter their testosterone levels. The first step (in addition to identifying symptoms) in diagnosing testosterone deficiency, also known as low T, is to perform a blood test.

Due to the natural diurnal variation in serum testosterone levels, the guidelines recommend collecting the sample early in the morning. As mentioned earlier, testosterone tests are usually done early in the morning when testosterone is at its peak. The results of the above studies pave the way for a potentially important change in the way testosterone tests are done. Scientists have reason to believe that fasting is also important when it comes to controlling testosterone levels.

A simple glucose load can significantly lower total testosterone levels and falsely qualify a person as hypogonadism. If you think you have low testosterone levels, check out these testosterone tests that you can order online at an affordable price and check how your hormones are doing. Increased public awareness of androgen deficiency has led to more men being tested for testosterone levels. The scientific literature on sexual medicine mentions that food intake can affect testosterone levels.

These findings also involve re-evaluating subjects who were initially diagnosed with low testosterone levels. This study shows how eating a 550-calorie meal containing proteins, fats and carbohydrates can influence testosterone levels.

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