How long does it take for testosterone levels to change?

For men who are prescribed testosterone replacement therapy, it usually takes three to six months to take effect, Farooq says. Some men may see improvement sooner, but for most men it's a gradual process, Farooq says. The amount of time it takes for a testosterone injection to take effect will vary from patient to patient. Some men start to notice improvement within a few weeks, while others need more time for treatment to bring about noticeable changes.

As with any medical treatment, response times are different for each individual. A better route may be to take testosterone injections in smaller doses twice a week, which may allow for more stable levels of testosterone. However, if a man has very low testosterone levels as determined by a doctor, he could be testosterone deficient. Therefore, testosterone injections work fairly quickly, but should be given every 6-7 days for optimal results.

Since testosterone is a hormone that acts through genomic changes in each cell, it can take weeks or months for certain beneficial effects to occur. The severity of a patient's testosterone deficiency is one factor that can affect how long it may take for therapy to start producing results. Only to discover that my levels are now even lower than before, despite using the higher dose of cream and applying more per day. For example, you shouldn't take testosterone to try to gain an unfair advantage in athletic competition.

After the administration of testosterone, there is a decrease in fat mass and an increase in lean body mass and the net result is often, but not always, that total body weight does not show significant changes. You'll want to play with the different types of testosterone to find out which route works best for you. If you haven't noticed an improvement in your symptoms, it's a good idea to re-evaluate your serum testosterone levels (both free and total testosterone) to determine if your dose is adequate. On the other hand, testosterone also has non-genomic effects, such as its effects on skeletal muscle, which result in an almost immediate increase in sports performance (and sometimes in weight loss).

If a man has sufficient levels of testosterone, he should not try to increase his hormones to get extremely high testosterone levels. Therefore, my experience is that women should be very careful when using testosterone because if they have a body that aromatizes it quickly, it could cause serious problems with other hormones. The good news is that they can also be safely added to an existing testosterone replacement therapy program.

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